Kurt Brown

President and Sr. Analyst:

In my teens I started studying electronics. I subsequently joined the US Army and learned all about VHF, UHF, and microwave radio systems, and their associated digital communication systems. Modern WiFi is more complicated...but not that much.

After my stint in the military I furthered my studies in electronics by attaining an FCC General Radio-Telephone certification, which means that I was legally allowed to engineer and operate commercial radio and television stations. I worked in the electronics field for seven years.

After my electronics years I moved into computer systems starting with a Commodore 64 and quickly graduating to Intel / PC based systems. I've been in the IS business ever since.

Computer Systems Experience:

My IS career start inauspiciously performing tech support for an application written in a very obscure 4GL database language. That is also about the time I started attending CSUN (California State University - Northridge) majoring in Electrical Engineering and Finance with a minor in Computer Science. While I did change majors, my minor was always CS.

Over the next 5 years I studied programming and database technologies including VSAM, ISAM, DBase, normalization, systems analysis, algorithms, formal logic, machine code (VAX 8bit), Fortran, Pascal, Modula-2, and C/C++ (K&R thru ANSI). (Fortunately for me, no COBOL and no BASIC).

I quickly jumped from help desk duties to field technician status, where I supported Netware and Xenix server systems primarily for legal and other professional firms. I also supported all aspects of connectivity such as ARCNet, Ethernet, leased lines, and remote access servers (dial up). My certifications from this era include CNE (Certified Netware Engineer) 3. 4, 4.5, and MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) Networking With Windows for Workgroups. I was one of the first 2000 people ever certified by Microsoft.

During the following years I have been a director of IS, network architect of international WANs, network architect of web based business analysis systems, an IS security officer, and a hired gun consultant.

Now, with almost 20 years of experience I am the president and sr. network analyst of Chaos Waves, Inc.. Jump over to the qualifications page for a summary of our specializations.

CV available upon request