Community is very important to us. Here are a few links to some of our favorite sites and companies:

Why We Protest - Iran
This is a website that helps the people of Iran and the people of the free world to communicate with one another. Let's support the people of Iran (and not the repressive regime).

One of the most important web sites of this decade. The free encyclopedia.

Folding @ Home
Another one of the most important web sites of this decade.

Distributed computing studying protein folding with goals including understanding and curing Alzheimer's, Mad Cow (BSE), CJD (Creutzfeldt–Jakob), ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease), Parkinson's, Huntington's, and many cancer related diseases.

Encyclopedia of Life
A project that is attempting to create the comprehensive database of living organisms, big and small, on the earth. The scope of this project is enormous and the subject matter is fascinating.

US CERT - United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team
An excellent resource about the state of computer threats.

Riley Mercatique
One of my favorite marketing firms.

DMOZ Open Directory Project
A directory driven web site to help you find products and service providers.

Crystal Clean Decontamination LLC
I hope you never need their services, but if your property is contaminated by illegal meth manufacturing or use, this should be your first call.

Kurt Brown Photography
Freelance Photography and photographic services.

Open Source Applications We Use
These are some of the open source applications we use:

Open Office
A complete office application suite the includes full powered word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, database, drawing, and even math equation applications. I no longer use Microsoft Office and I've switched to

This is an outstanding text editor oriented towards computer professionals. It runs under Windows and is a great replacement for the very weak Windows Notepad.

This is a free Telnet and SSH terminal application. It even works with serial connections.

Everyone's Favorite Search Engine: